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Foreign Direct Investment

Foreign Direct Investment
for Government Agencies

Foreign direct investments generate employment, raise productivity, transfer skills and technology and enhance innovation. More than ever, countries and regions and even cities seek to enlarge their FDI development.

imc - International Market Consultants put your country, your region and your development project on the mental map of relevant decision makers and – by offering the right location - get access to their investment agenda.

We identify companies with a match to the target region and offer a direct calling on potential investors. We establish an effective relationship between investment agencies and the companies’ executive level directors.


We provide the following range of services:

  • Awareness Building of foreign / overseas locations
  • Industry cluster targeting
  • Investor prospecting
  • Managing the sales pipeline
  • Organisation of FDI Missions with or without Governor participation
  • Development of a local promotional strategy
  • Identification of potential target sectors and companies
  • Targeting and cooperation with Multipliers
  • Representing your region/state in Germany/Europe